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Billing questions:
What will I see on my Credit Card statement?
When you receive your credit card statement may display in different ways. You will either see "P3 SOFTWARE" or "PRECISIONPLANPRO DL"
Purchasing questions:
Discount code not working.
When entering a discount code, you must insert the code into the "promo code" input field, and then choose Update Total. If your code is returning as invalid or is not updating with the 'as advertised' amount, please contact us.
Downloading P3 questions:
Where is my license key?
The license key should be listed in the Payment confirmation e-mail which also contains the link to download the program installer. Please contact support if you are in need of a new License Key.
P3 software questions:
Is P3 compatible with Mac and Apple Products?
Yes, P3 is compatible with both Mac and other Apple products when using Bootcamp or Virtualization (Parallels or VMware) methods to create a Windows environment.
How do I unlock P3 on a different computer?
Your license key is valid for only one device concurrently. If you have replaced your computer or device and wish to switch please contact Technical Support and we will reissue your license key.
What is the difference between a P3 Viewer and P3 Software?
The P3 viewer only allows the user to view the take-off and other PDFs without other embedded functionality.  Perfect for sharing with users outside your company who won’t need an ability to make notes or modifications directly to the file and can be downloaded here.  P3 Software is the fully functioning platform which enables plan collaboration across the project teams.
What file formats are compatible with P3?
P3 can convert directly from any of the supported Image format files  including DWG, DXF, BMP, DCX, GIF, JBIG, JBIG2, JPEG, JNG, PCX, PNG, TIFF and AMF/WMF/EMF -- virtually any document type which was used in the original format.
How do I import a PDF image?
I have created a new layered image, how do I size it and align it for review?
How do I retrieve a take-off after it has been closed?
Can I edit a take-off after I have saved it?
Of course! To retrieve a file you have already started, you will find it in the default file path that you chose.
How do I share a take-off file with another member of the project team?
Is Precision Plan Pro Compatible on Tablet PCs?
Presently, P3 is not compatible on tablets, however we expect to have our functionality enabled across all platforms soon.