Scale and check calibration accuracy

Using the quick scale tool or trace scale tool you will easily be able to ensure your takeoffs are precise. The Check and Measure tool is the best way to check for accuracy after scaling.

Lesson Covers:

  • Quick Scale
  • Scale Tool
  • Check and measure

Buttons Used:

P3 Scale Tools



Check and Measure


Quick Scale

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Steps to Scale Plans



Select the plan you wish to scale
If you have multiple plan pages, each page will need to be scaled individually to guarantee accurate takeoffs.



Use Quick Scale
If you know what the document was scaled to when saved or if the scale is present on the plan pages. Note: Only use if you know that the original image resolution and size has not been altered
If you are using the Quick Scale Method, proceed to Check Calibration



Find a dimension to scale to
If you are not using Quick Scale then you will need a dimension from the page to use as a reference for scaling.


Select the Scale Tool
Upon choosing the Scale tool the command line will say “Distance to scale to:”


Type the distance of the The format of the distance is in FFin16.
Where FF is Feet, in is Inches, and 16 is sixteenths of an inch. example 100608 is 10′ 06″ 8/16ths (or 1/2″ in simplest terms)
Pressing the “enter” key will update the command line to read “Select Start Point”.



Click the first point of the relevant distance to scale
Then click the second point
You will notice the page “jump”, this means that plan has been scaled to match the “Distance to scale to:”.


Steps to Check Calibration



Select the Check and Measure tool
The check and measure tool will allow you to draw dimensions anywhere on your plans.
This is also the method used to check that a plans scale is properly calibrated within the P3 system.


Select your start and end points for the Check and Measure tool.
Typically if a plan is within a few 16ths of an inch then this is okay to move forware


Coming Soon!



  • Ctrl+N on your keyboard will automatically create a new .p3d file
  • Ctrl+Shift+D will bring up the Project data dialog box
  • Applying templates to your takeoff sections will start building the ‘materials needed’ reports.
  • If your toolpack is greyed out and the buttons are not working, you need to create or open a .p3d takeoff file.

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