New Takeoff File

This lesson reviews creating a new .p3d file and setting up the job properties.

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Navigate to the P3 Menu, choose New Takeoff.
Type a title for the Precision Plan Pro project, then press enter.
This creates a new .p3d file.
The buttons on the ribbon toolpack are no longer gray, and have been turned on.




“Properties…”, found under the P3 File Menu
is where project data will be updated for takeoff jobs.
The “customer” tab is used to edit the company information displayed when a takeoff is printed or saved as a pdf.
The “project data” tab holds important project information. This information is shown at the bottom of all P3 reports by default.




Inputting project information is not mandatory.
By default, job data is shown at the bottom of all reports, and in the title block when a takeoff is printed or saved as a .pdf file.
We find that this information really comes in handy for on-site check ups.





  • Ctrl+N on your keyboard will automatically create a new .p3d file
  • Ctrl+Shift+D will bring up the Project data dialog box
  • Applying templates to your takeoff sections will start building the ‘materials needed’ reports.
  • If your toolpack is greyed out and the buttons are not working, you need to create or open a .p3d takeoff file.

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