Intro to PDF’s

This lesson will cover the basics for PDF editing in P3.
We will walkthrough opening, saving and printing a PDF file.
Turn on the PDF sidebars, and cover some basic functions of them.

Open, save and print a PDF file

Open pdf plans in P3


In P3, choose the P3 menu
Click “Open a PDF…”
Choose the file you wish to edit
The PDF Editor will open in a new program window


Adjust Plans in window


You can fit width in window, zoom in, or fit the entire page on screen
The most common setting is fit width.
Zooming anywhere on page will help when aligning small objects
Fitting the page to the window is great for a document preview.

Insert or merge full documents or just pages.
Import documents or pages


Choose “insert pages”
Click “browse…” to find the file you want to import
You can import complete documents, or just a page range
Choose the page ranges, or numbers if desired
You can also choose where the pages are inserted into the currently open document


save a pdf file in P3, Precision Plan Pro


Click the blue Floppy disk to Save.
This will overwrite the file that is currently open
Clicking the floppy disk icon to the right of the P3 menu icon, will Save As..
This will allow you to rename the file, or change the place it was originally saved


Printing a PDF file


Click the “print” icon located in the “File, ribbon block”
You can change the Printer, page range, scale size of image, and you have the option to print the document with comments or notes.


Toggle PDF sidebars on/off



Sidebar toggle switches can be found in the “Panes” ribbon block
Sidebars in the PDF editor are designed to allow important information to be on-screen, at all times needed.


Coming Soon!



  • Ctrl+N on your keyboard will automatically create a new .p3d file
  • Mouse Over any icon in P3 for a Tool Tip!
  • Try out the bookmarks sidebar to create quick references or a “jump-to”
  • Right click “properties” will allow you to change the style of any object.

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