Add Child Takeoff sections

Add multiple relative or child regions in one Takeoff section

learn how to use Precision plan pro
Many times in the construction world, there are many repetitive regions or similar rooms. Think of a hotel for an example, the rooms are often identical in size and shape. Wouldn’t it be nice to have those similar rooms organized in a single Takeoff Section Layer? With Precision Plan Pro, having this option is a breeze to setup.
Files you may want in order to follow along:
P3-plansetbeg-psb.pdf – set of customized plans just for this tutorial!
Beginner-lesson1.p3d – A native Precision Plan Pro file, useful for comparing your completed tutorial.
Installing-P3-Performing-Take-Off.pdf – a downloadable .PDF of the written lesson shown below. – a zipped folder containing all the files listed above.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Congrats! You have now completed another Takeoff Walkthrough and should be on your way to generating successful Takeoffs and Reports.
If you would like to compare your results with this walkthrough, there is a ‘Takeoff Demo.p3d’ file including in the Takeoff Demo folder